How to choose the best payroll software for small businesses ?

Choosing the best payroll software for small businesses is of paramount importance in the quest for smooth and efficient administrative management. With the multitude of options available on the market, this decision requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. Payroll is the backbone of any organization, and the right software can only simplify compensation processes. How to choose the best payroll software for small businesses ?

What is payroll software ?

Payroll software for small businesses is an IT tool designed specifically to simplify salary management within small businesses.  It allows you to automate processes related to payroll and payroll services, such as the calculation of salaries, tax and social deductions, as well as the issuance of pay slips.

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These software generally offer a user-friendly interface.  They facilitate access to the functionalities necessary for effective payroll management, while minimizing human errors and ensuring compliance with current regulations.  Like other countries, these automated tools can help human resources professionals in the United Kingdom and managers of small and medium-sized businesses in the United Kingdom to optimize their financial management.

In addition to these basic features, these small business payroll software also include add-ons, such as leave management, benefits management, and hours worked.  This allows entrepreneurs and human resources managers to look for efficient and automated payroll solutions in the United Kingdom to centralize all remuneration-related processes and optimize their personnel management.

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Comparison of 3 payroll software for small businesses

Payroll software is numerous, and to choose the one that best suits small businesses, it is essential to conduct a careful comparison.  Here is a comparison of 3 software programs that you can favour when making your choice:

Pay Fit

PayFit revolutionizes payroll management with a fully online solution, focused on accessibility and ease of use.  The automated service generates pay slips each month, taking into account various employee types and items such as absences and paid time off.  The bulletins are then sent directly by email to employees.  Making the salary transfer process easier, PayFit automatically generates a SEPA transfer file to send to the bank.  In addition, the software supports the management of social declarations, in particular the nominative social declaration (DSN).


Cegid, an international group specializing in cloud management solutions, offers a varied range of payroll and human resources software.  These solutions adapt to the specific needs of companies based on their sector of activity and their workforce.  This flexibility allows businesses to choose tailor-made payroll software, avoiding unnecessary spending on unnecessary features.


Fiche-Paie.Net stands out for its simplicity as an online payroll solution focused on the rapid creation of pay slips.  In a few minutes, you can fill out a form with the employee’s information, and the tool generates the corresponding pay slip, ready to be printed. Although the service is cost-effective, it offers a more targeted approach and does not offer the advanced features found in other online solutions.  The site is efficient and very practical.  Compared to other online solutions, the cost of the service allows you to save a lot of money.

Things to consider when choosing the best payroll software

Choosing the best payroll software for small businesses requires a thoughtful approach to meet the specific needs of the business.  First, you need to evaluate the basic features offered by the software. Make sure it offers automatic salary calculation, management of tax and social deductions, as well as easy generation of pay slips.  Ease of use is also an important consideration, as user-friendly software allows your team to manage payroll efficiently without requiring in-depth expertise.

Next, consider the flexibility of the software to adapt as your needs change. Decide a tool that can grow with your business, integrating additional features such as leave or benefits management. It is also essential to check compliance with current regulations, as good payroll software must ensure legal compliance to avoid possible legal issues.

Finally, consider customer support and regular software updates.  Responsive customer service will be invaluable in the event of any questions or issues.  Make sure the vendor offers frequent updates to stay compliant with legislative changes and to continually improve software performance.

By following these steps, you will be able to choose payroll software that specifically meets the needs of your small business, promoting efficient and hassle-free payroll management.