Clifton has a broad line of solvent or water borne adhesives, coatings and speciality chemicals. When we receive a request for a product recommendation, there is a good chance that it will come from one of our exisitng formulations which number in the thousands. If we have nothing to offer, we will open a project in our on site lab and custom formulate a product to meet the requirements of the application. In order for us to do this job efficiently, Clifton asks for as many details as possible regarding the application, including the substrates involved, preferred chemistry (solvent or water), application process, end product performance characteristics and price target, to name a few. The more information we can gather up front, the better we can meet our potential customer's needs. Custom formulating is at the core of what Clifton Adhesive has to offer. We are small enough to offer our services in a quick and productive manner, yet large enough to handle significant volume.

Clifton’s water borne product line consists of pressure sensitives, heat seal adhesives and coatings, laminating adhesives and specialty niche oriented products. We also offer toll mixing for water based products based on many different chemistries. Clifton Adhesive formulates products to meet not only the customer’s performance requirements but also the regulatory mandates. We have reformulated many of our adhesives/coatings to reduce or eliminate the VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutant) content so that our customers remain compliant at their specific location.  We can accomplish this by utilizing Non VOC, Non HAP solvents or offering water borne technology. Due to the fact that there are many different regulatory issues both domestically and abroad, Clifton offers solutions based on each customer’s applicable regulatory guidelines.

Clifton Adhesive has decades of experience in the textile market. We provide laminating adhesive for a broad range of textiles as well as various application processes. In addition to products used to bond textiles, Clifton also provides fabric primers and coatings used to produce various polymer coated fabrics.

Examples of our adhesives and coatings that are used in the textile industry follow:


  • Woven textile laminates
  • Leather bonding
  • Tricot to fiberfill
  • Non woven lamination
  • Foam bonding
  • Films to foam
  • Paper stock
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass to film
  • Primer for Thermoplastic polymer coated fabrics


  • Heat seal
  • Pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Dry Bond
  • Non-fray
  • Fire retardant
  • Conductive

Clifton’s product line is tailored for specific applications and processing equipment.  Our experience with a wide variety of polymers enables us to meet the customer’s requirements.  The solids, viscosity and dry speed are customized based on the substrate being coated, the coating method, and ability to dry.

Clifton Adhesive is a market leader in the coated fabric assembly market such as inflatable fabrication. Our products are used for the fabrication of the following materials.

  • Neoprene (polychloroprene) coated fabric to itself or Nylon
  • Urethane coated fabric to itself or Nylon
  • PVC (Vinyl) coated fabrics
  • Hypalon ™ coated fabrics and unsupported liner
  • Natural rubber/Natural synthetic rubber coated fabrics
  • Nitrile coated fabrics
  • Butyl coated fabrics
  • EPDM sheeting
  • Specialty co-polymer coated fabrics

Used in Military, aerospace, industrial and retail applications, Clifton’s one and two part solvent or water based adhesives may be applied via brush or roller.  Examples of end products containing our adhesives are:

  • Inflatable escape slides for aircraft
  • Inflatable life rafts and life vests
  • Helicopter floats
  • Radiation shield devices
  • Inflatable river rafting boats and pontoons
  • Wet/dry suits, fishing waders, wet weather parkers & trousers
  • Collapsible water tanks and fuel cells
  • Specialty fabrication

Clifton Adhesive manufactures a broad line of solvent or water based pressure sensitive adhesives from a wide variety of base polymers.  Examples of applications containing our products:

  • Film to film lamination
  • Felt lamination
  • Specialty Tapes
  • Gasket mounting
  • Foam and sponge rubber
  • Graphic arts
  • Coated paper and board stock to polyester films
  • Pattern paper to tricot
  • Polystyrene lamination
  • Pallet adhesive for screen printing
  • Automotive
  • Aerosol
  • General purpose
  • Medical

The Pressure Sensitive adhesives are formulated to a wide range of solids and viscosities depending on the customer’s needs.  Clifton’s R & D lab designs the adhesives to specifications such as peel, shear, tack properties, fire retardancy and food or skin contact.

Heat Seal products are applied to a substrate, dried and heat reactivated to form a final bond.  The coatings are deposited by different methods including knife over roll, gravure, reverse roll, screen print, brush, spray or roller.  Depending on the system, heat sealing is performed either in line or at later date.  Examples of various Heat Seal applications are:

  • Films to metalized film
  • Films to fiberglass
  • Films to textile (ie: window treatments)
  • Films to foam
  • Textile for heat seal patches
  • Decorative laminates
  • Fire retardant heat seals for aerospace
  • Food packaging
  • Credit card lamination
  • PVC to film
  • Transfer decal film lamination
  • Specialty heat seal applications

Clifton Adhesive will custom formulate a Heat Seal product to provide the required properties such as solids, viscosity, block resistance, clarity, heat seal temperature and end item environmental conditions.

Clifton Adhesive manufactures a broad line of adhesives and coatings that meet Military Specification performance characteristics or are on the qualified product list.


Military Specification Product Name
MIL-C-2399B LA 495
ML-C-9503B PC 903
MMM-A-139 *** FA 1005
MIL-A-5540B *** FA 1030 (CLASS 1-5)
MIL-A-5540B *** FA 1013 (CLASS 4 & 5)
MIL-A-5540B *** A 1065 (CLASS 3)
MMM-A-1617 *** FA 1053 (TYPE I)
MMM-A-1617 *** FA 1051 (TYPE II)
MMM-A-1617 *** FA 1076 (TYPE III)
MIL-S-43869A FA 1101
MMM-A-121B *** E 1293
MMM-A-180B LA 2571 W
MMM-A-129 LA 2589 W
MMM-A-179 LA 2601 W
MMM-A-130B CC 2956 (gov’t cancelled) replaced w/CC5527
A-A-1936 CC 5527
MIL-P-43700B SS 3214


*** On the qualified product lists, others meet performance specs.

On a proprietary basis, Clifton Adhesive offers toll mixing and private labeling.  Clifton’s facility is designed for solvent or water based manufacturing.  Various custom solution products currently manufactured in our facility are:

  • Neoprene (Polychloroprene) adhesives and coatings
  • CSM & CSPE Coatings (Hypalon ™)
  • Acrylic adhesives
  • Natural rubber adhesives
  • Vinyl adhesives and coatings
  • Polyester adhesives and coatings
  • SBR adhesives and coatings
  • Nitrile adhesives
  • Urethane adhesives and coatings
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate adhesive and coatings
  • Specialty Polymers

Clifton Adhesive prides itself on confidentiality and service. The Quality Control Department performs quality acceptance testing on each lot of finished product manufactured. We provide the same level of technical expertise and customer service for the adhesives and coatings we toll mix as we do for our own product line. If there is ever a raw material issue in a toll mix formulation, Clifton will provide a recommendation in regards to possible alternatives.