Heat Seal Coatings

Heat Seal products are applied to a substrate, dried and heat reactivated to form a final bond.  The coatings are deposited by different methods including knife over roll, gravure, reverse roll, screen print, brush, spray or roller.  Depending on the system, heat sealing is performed either in line or at later date.  Examples of various Heat Seal applications are:

  • Films to metalized film
  • Films to fiberglass
  • Films to textile (ie: window treatments)
  • Films to foam
  • Textile for heat seal patches
  • Decorative laminates
  • Fire retardant heat seals for aerospace
  • Food packaging
  • Credit card lamination
  • PVC to film
  • Transfer decal film lamination
  • Specialty heat seal applications

Clifton Adhesive will custom formulate a Heat Seal product to provide the required properties such as solids, viscosity, block resistance, clarity, heat seal temperature and end item environmental conditions.