Custom Formulating

Clifton has a broad line of solvent or water borne adhesives, coatings and speciality chemicals. When we receive a request for a product recommendation, there is a good chance that it will come from one of our exisitng formulations which number in the thousands. If we have nothing to offer, we will open a project in our on site lab and custom formulate a product to meet the requirements of the application. In order for us to do this job efficiently, Clifton asks for as many details as possible regarding the application, including the substrates involved, preferred chemistry (solvent or water), application process, end product performance characteristics and price target, to name a few. The more information we can gather up front, the better we can meet our potential customer's needs. Custom formulating is at the core of what Clifton Adhesive has to offer. We are small enough to offer our services in a quick and productive manner, yet large enough to handle significant volume.