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Apollo 11 - Astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., lunar module pilot of the first lunar landing mission, poses for a photograph beside the deployed United States Flag.Clifton Adhesive, Inc. is a manufacturer of solvent or water base specialty, industrial adhesives and coatings. Founded in 1945, the family owned company is based in Wayne, New Jersey where all aspects of the business are located. The various departments work closely together to achieve maximum output and efficiency. For our customers, an answer is only a phone call away.

Clifton Adhesive's product line consists of more than 400 active formulas used for various applications. When a customer has specific requirements, our chemists will customize an existing product or develop a new one. The Sales and Technical Departments work closely with one another to facilitate the progress of all new projects, making sure the needs of the customer are addressed. Samples are then provided for evaluation.

The current output is in excess of five thousand gallons per day from churns varying in capacity from 50-1000 gallons. Clifton has two mills enabling rubber based products to have milled portions of the formula. Milling greatly enhances the chemists' ability to customize the end properties of a product. Through an efficient scheduling process, most orders are shipped within two weeks from the order date.

Clifton Adhesive, Inc. is always aware of the environment and emission standards while formulating. When possible, products have been reformulated using exempt solvents or those with lower VOCs. Water base products are considered whenever feasible. Compliance with State and Federal regulations is a priority. The sales force works with the customer to encourage awareness and understanding of these regulations. The end user's equipment and capabilities are always considered while conforming to the regulations and standards. Clifton Adhesive, Inc. is large enough to manufacture in volume yet small enough to provide "old fashioned" service.

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